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The unconference for agile coaches


March 19-21 in Durham, NC

This is the page that tells what happened in 2010

Made possible though the generous financial backing of

our sponsors:

Agile Dimensions(external link) | Travel Less. Do More.

Big Visible(external link) | See Everything

Gear Stream(external link) - We make software innovation flow!

Industrial Logic(external link) - Agile coaching and training

LitheSpeed(external link) | Sowing the seeds of tomorrows growth via Agile and Lean methods

Creative Knowing(external link) | courage revealed ... path discovered ... greatest potential realized

Cyrus Innovation(external link) | Get Agile Once and for All

thycotic(external link) | outstanding software.

CODE71(external link) | ScrumPad? iterate, collaborate, deliver link)

Agile shout!(external link) | Free Agile Community Q&A Website

Donald E. Gray(external link) | Integrating People Projects and Processes

project.cooks at Project Cooks: Linda M. Cook

Photo contributions or text contributions would be appreciated. This is a wiki, so go ahead an add as you see fit. If you want help, just email "chuck @at@ suscheck .dot. com" - you know what to do with the "@at@" and ".dot.".

@spiderbush (Dan Puckett): "You couldn't swing a dead cat at #accnc without hitting a world-class Agile coach. I finally had to just leave it in the car."

Dan's conference photos(external link) are up!
Jared's(external link) posted some pics too!
Ellen's(external link) conference photos now posted!

See Our MarketPlace2010 (AKA the sessions)

To see continued postings and such, look for the #accnc hashtag on Twitter!

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